Commencing March 2021, new leases on residential tenancies will require periodic verification to AS/NZS3019:2007.

SECTION 3. Verification by basic visual inspection.

SECTION 4. Verification by visual inspection and LIMITED testing are applicable.

SECTION 5. Verification by visual inspection and FULL testing may be applicable with issues raised in section 3 or 4.

Please take note that Energy Safe Victoria require that the electrical installation to have been compliant at the time of completion.
Switchboards will require RCD (safety switch) protection, old style fuse boards normally will need replacement.
Particular attention is given to earth continuity & the main earth system as well as fixed appliances.
The size of the electrical installation will determine the cost of verification. This cost could vary pending issues raised that require section 5 verification.

Typical cost of Section 3 & 4 Verification is around $200 plus GST
It would appear that many electricians and electrical contractors are not fully versed in either the RTR or AS/NZS 3019:2007 and are failing existing electrical installations based upon the present AS/NZS 3000: 2018 amendment 2 where as the requirement is that they be compliant with the Australian Standard at the time of completion with some exceptions such as over current / earth leakage devices and smoke detectors.
Section 24.2 of the RTR may apply with replacement of existing fixed appliances such as heaters and hot water systems.

Click this link for a copy of the RTR


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